Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration in houston tx

Consider a hypothetical situation where your home/business was somehow caught in a smoldering fire. After the fire trucks leave what do you do? Other than regretting the damage that was caused to your property, your first and foremost step should not be to call up your insurance company. What you need is a fire restoration service. Given a situation where the fire didn’t burn your house down to a crisp, you can always salvage some items and use them for later on. The fire damage restoration in Hoston Tx offered by us, SECO Restoration, is one of the best services there is.

Our professionals have been trained in fire management training and after having a quick look at the situation can salvage out the items that can be restored to their former glory. The possibilities of this little service are limitless. For starters, instead of buying a new carpet, you can use the old one, or instead of getting a new washing machine, you can still use the present one. This not only saves your budget but also helps you to gets your life back on its feet in no time. Some of the items may have a dark spot or wreak the smell of flames and ashes, but that’s what we are here for. It is our responsibility to restore these items and that includes deep cleaning of each of the restorable items along with soot removal and odor treatment.

Here are a few steps as to how we go about doing our jobs:

=> Careful inspection of the damaged items are done

=> Roof trap services of needed

=> Water removal and drying

=> Removal of smoke and soot from the surface

=> Cleaning

=> Repair if possible

=> Restoring the final object

We offer the best and the quickest fire damage restoration in Houston Tx. We are prompt to respond and act in case of a fire and leave no stone unturned when it comes to product restoration. Our services are 24x7x365 on your side to help you recover.